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I categorically refuse to measure my vanilla extract. like, a recipe really only ever calls for a little boop, a decent squirt, or (very rarely) a huge bloop of vanilla. that's the hidden vanilla lore

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"Le Figaro have a newly published photograph from inside Notre Dame shortly before the roof collapsed, as molten lead fell into the nave." (+)

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In case anyone was wondering how I feel about The State of Things right now

The Beast

I've been drawing to relieve stress X"D

FeeX213 is my Instagram

Here's the sketch of the snapdragons I did and tried to upload on that last post that broke.

Jedi Penny

[ID: Artwork of Penny Parker aka SnapCube as a Star Wars Jedi. She's standing dramaticly holding two pink lightsabers. Her clothes are mostly beige with a long flowing side open shirt. End ID]

fanart for penny's star wars jedi fallen order streams

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hot food take:

alcohol tastes terrible and is nothing more than glorified fart liquid

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oh finally a good take

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Ever since I started making art for myself and myself alone my confidence in my art has gone through the fucking roof.

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Obviously it's nice to get validation for your art! I totally get that feeling. But I think you should create things that make you happy first and if others end up liking that creation, then good for you!

Cringe culture is dead and you should draw whatever the fuck makes you happy!

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Snake Crowley

I post this in complete denial of the snow currently on the ground and the abysmal temperatures.

photography practice with the kitties!

aaaand what my little gremlins actually thought about all this nonsense:




(the bandanas were very loosely tied, easily able to be removed by both cats, and weren't even on either of them for a full minute. both cats enthusiastically played with the discarded bandana afterwards. only big gremlin, who is an absolute drama queen, seemed offended at the lack of dignity. his wounded feelings were quickly soothed by a generous offering of catnip.)

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it is truly a crime and a blight that i cannot shapeshift

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Drawn for nbbrycefieland on Tumblr as part of a Sketch Request tier on my Patreon.